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Owlbear Cub Blanket Hoodie

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Level up your loungewear with our owlbear blanket hoodie! Featuring the cutest illustrated pattern!

⚠️ These are made to order so takes about a month to arrive to you ⚠️

 Size up for blanket effect!


This snuggly design is made with a lightweight but fuzzy polyester blanket material, it's the ideal choice for loungewear, cozy dnd sessions, movie nights and keeping you comfy all season long.

♡ thin but warm polyester fleece material

♡ machine or hand wash

♡ all over print made by Anna + David

production may cause slight differences between printing position on your version and the one pictured

Fit & Sizing

♡ David 6' and Anna 5'6" wear a L.
♡ Size up for blanket effect! 


Size Chart

Size Chest(cm/in) Waist(cm/in) Shoulder(cm/in) Length(cm/in) Sleeve(cm/in)
S 71/27.95 80/31.5 54/21.26 120/47.24 50/19.69
M 81/31.89 90/35.43 60/23.62 135/53.15 59/23.23
L 91/35.83 100/39.37 66/25.98 150/59.06 68/26.77
XL 101/39.76 110/43.31 72/28.35 165/64.96 77/30.31


This order will be created just for you! With on-demand production, everything is made to order and shipped directly from the warehouse, creating less waste.

Typically ~20 business days to fulfill. But could take longer!