How and when can we buy dice?

Thank you so much for your interest in purchasing our dice! We are working hard to bring more shinies to you soon. We plan to release a collection of dice seasonally, and potentially have a few smaller updates in between. All of our inventory will become available on this website at a specific time and date. Check our Instagram for updates or sign up for our newsletter!   


What are handmade dice (what are they made of, different grades)?

Handmade dice are made with our own four hands! Each of our dice are made with a lot of love and sacrifice to the dice gods. The dice are made of an epoxy resin along with alcohol inks, powders, glitter, foil, florals, and Steph’s tears. The dice cure for 24 hours in a pressure pot to reduce bubbles. They are then sanded and polished to remove most marks left by the molds. The numbers are painted with acrylic paint so you can see all your rolls!  

Since all of this is done by little old us, dice retain the character of their handmade nature. They have more imperfections than you would find in factory-made dice. Upon inspection, you may find marks left behind from flashing, sprews, or small bubbles from the process. 


Above: A photo for size reference. Our dice are a little chonkier than your regular factory made dice. More room for goodness in your pretty math rocks!


Why the dice are so expensive?

Our dice are priced according to their complexity, materials, and labor required. At this time, our dice cost between $90-130 for full sets and $20-30 for d20s. We will offer discounts for dice that have more noticeable flaws. The flaws will be clearly photographed and noted in the listing. Remember they are handmade, start to finish, and we consider them pieces of art! 


Do you do commissions or trades?

At this time, we are not offering commissions. We are focusing on leveling up in dice smithing, but if that changes, we’ll announce when slots open. However, if you are interested in an art or dice trade, reach out to us on Instagram. 


Are the dice balanced?

The short answer is they are balanced for tabletop gaming. If you are concerned about 100% balanced dice, we recommend casino dice as they are the only reliably balanced dice. 


Where did we get our molds and masters?

We personally make our molds from silicone using the masters that we purchased. We recommend Dice Oven and Arcana Cast for dice masters. 


What is your exchange and return policy?

As a little business of two, we are unable to accommodate exchanges or returns. However, if your dice are damaged during the shipping process, please reach out to us at equinoxdice@gmail.com.